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About us - Lavi International Corporation

Lavi International Corporation is a trans-continental Financial, Trading and Investment Group of Companies (LAVI GROUP), with a $5 billion regional corporate financial and energy provision Services Company. Lavi International has subsidiary and representative offices in such international marketing and financial centers as Singapore, London, New York, Geneva and Moscow. In addition, our banking network located in Switzerland, USA, United Kingdom and Russia has played a significant role in enhancing the profitability of its international operations.

Lavi International Corporation’s overall growth objective is to increase long-term value by building on existing market leadership throughout the continent to expand

high-growth corporate services and to build a distinguished infrastructure for the customer.  We aim to be a leading financial and energy company that provides the best integrated services for all its customers needs.  Our notable strengths are a diverse revenue stream which provides stability throughout varying economic cycles.

Lavi International Corporation offers a broad range of products and services, including:-

  • Finance and Investments
  • Crude oil exploration, Refinery and Oil by-products Marketing
  • Manufacturer of Agriculture equipment and spare parts
  • General Import and Export merchandises

But not limited to trading services to middle-market, small businesses, and retail clients. Our vision is to provide sophisticated internationally competitive products with personal responsive client service.

By staying focused on core objectives which include project financing investing in top talent, maintaining diverse revenue streams and expanding our presence in many regions, Lavi International Corporation has grown to be a company that provides world-wide financial and energy provision services.


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