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International overview

Due to the rapid changes in the market environment at home and abroad, as well as with the ever-increasing level of competition, it is important to build a seamless network between the domestic and international branches and offices. The traditionally defined and fixed boundaries between business divisions are no longer valid in the international trading organization; therefore, we must be able to compete not only with the domestic competitors but also with other companies.

The international division at Lavi provides a full range of product availability information, marketing and financial strategic advisory services to our partners, corporations and potential clients worldwide. Currently, Lavi International Corporation is redefining its organization to better enhance its core capabilities and become more efficient in its operations.

International Sales & Trading

Our International Business Department offers unmatched customer service and the strongest marketing capacity through its extensive global network of representatives, Agent's and M&A. The Company has been able to consistently increase its market and consequently its sales, during the fiscal year.  We shall continue to do our utmost in marketing and serving the needs of our customers.

International Project Financing

Consisting of four marketing teams and a syndicate team, Lavi International Finance Department is committed to a full range of project evaluation, including strategic choice of projects.  It will provide comprehensive financial services catered to the needs of each individual project.  Armed with solid academic training and extensive industry experience, members of the department ensure that domestic and international branch offices receive the finest services and financial consultation necessary for such corporate financing.

International Research

In order to provide progressive reports and fulfill our main objectives, we embarked with timely high quality research on an array of issues and strategies.  Lavi International fosters a research team that has an expert knowledge base.  The research team consists of distinguished research analysts, strategists, and economists who work collectively together to provide the information that is essential for the company to make strategic choices. Research analysts meticulously assess the investment outlook for the company and publish research reports on a company financial results sales valuation. In addition, the economist’s cooperation with all members involved has established the broad macroeconomic picture from which the team forms their investment ideas and recommendations.


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