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Vision & Strategy

Lavi International's goal is to become one of the leading comprehensive financial and energy trading group in this digital era

Short-term Goal and Strategy

Lavi International Corporations' mission for the year 2008 and above is to improve its corporate financial and trading rating and obtain dominant status in the market. This can be accomplished by staying focused on core objectives and expanding our presence in many regions with the opening of our offices in Quito, Ecuador, Nigeria, Seoul – Korea and Caracas, Venezuela.

Expanding Scope of Activities

We will maintain diverse revenue streams, restructured through multidirectional alliances.  We also will aim to be the energy company that provides the integrated services for all it customers needs, such as its convenient twenty-four hour non-stop for trunk calls and instant “”on-spot” deliveries of energy products.  The Company plans to utilize a variety of distribution and transaction channels for expeditious and effective business transactions. In addition it plans to implement the "spot-delivery" system in order to provide optimal services to the growing demand of each customer.

Bolstering Capability by attracting more Capital

Infusions of stable capital derived from profits will improve the Company's credit rating and assist it in its goal of implementing modern and advance marketing strategies. Such developments will also aid in obtaining the position of leading and growing global financial and energy service providers.

Improvements in Corporate Governance

To more effectively encourage responsible management, Lavi has established a new corporate governance structure and strengthened its compliance sectors. Also, independent auditors and the expertise of outside directors will facilitate transparency in future management.

Strengthening Competitiveness

To comply with organizational changes for new management policy, Lavi will place its focus and energy into stabilizing and upgrading the company's image and status. Customer Relations and Promotions will also be another area receiving attention.

Mid- & Long-Term Goal and Strategy

Lavi is highly sensitive and adaptive to the rapid changes in the world prices. Due to this flexibility, it is able to maintain its accumulated strengths in the energy and commodities market while also aggressively advancing into new sectors of business activities. Its continuous efforts to establish strategic alliances and its ongoing pre-investment in cutting edge technologies enable the Company to provide a wide variety of services to its customers. The Company's ardent enthusiasm for change and improvement can be seen in all aspects of its new strategy.

Diversified Sources of Profits

As a comprehensive trading and financial institution, the Company will provide services for a complete "One-Stop Shopping & Contract" experience. We will also concentrate on developing and launching advanced marketing methods, and will even spin off competitive divisions in order to generate diversified profits. In particular, progressive improvement in the Company's e-business sector will eventually became a key source of increasing its future profits.

Working together to deliver Innovative technologies for sustainable growth and complete customer satisfaction...

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