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Crude Oil

Lavi International Corporation is the principal Crude Oil trading and marketing core of the Lavi group.  It is a global network of companies which trade crude oil, refined products, natural gas, power and chemicals.  By integrating these activities Lavi Group of companies are positioned to leverage their scale, global reach, talent and financial strength.

Some of the Largest oil producing Companies in Asia, Africa and S. America have enjoyed our Credit facilities throughout the years.   In-turn we receive crude oil and oil by-products as means of repayment.

Basically oil and oil by-products undertaking and sales and purchasing products are accomplished by our expert methods namely Cross Transaction and Loans against future products between cash based financing vs. Crude oil/ oil by-products.

Lavi International Corporation explores and trades in  crude oil with a view to investing in viable and profitable oil projects that are grounded on sound principles of risk management and conservative analysis of recoverable reserves.


Crude Oil Trading and Supply
Crude Oil Trading is one of our major corporate activities.

Global Trading in products
Providing oil products acquisition and disposal service for the needs, thereby managing the distribution of our planet’s already diminishing resources.

Marketing Strategies
We have been able to attain our common aims and objectives, due to the vast unflinching commitments, expertise ways and professionalism in conducting all our external relations.

Products and Specification
Since the time of our engagement in the International Markets, we have deeply explored and have carried out a satisfactorily and successful deliveries of oil and oil by-products to many customers in cities.


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Crude oil

Crude Oil Trading
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Global Trading
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