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Crude Oil Trading and Supply

Oil Industries is one of the major areas attracting investment potential.  LAVI International Corporation has developed high interest in this field. Through implementation of advance financial strategies "Cross Transaction" between vehicles vs. Crude oil/products, with the help and guardians of our able Bankers a great deal of success have been achieved in relation to this principle "Loans against future products".

Understanding what customers’ needs

Crude Oil Trading recognizes that the crude oil market place is dynamic and fast-moving. Our wide experience in responding to the changing needs of producers and buyers has given us a steady position in terms of developing new marketing techniques, and innovative and distinctive market propositions.

Vast Experience

Crude Oil Trading is one of the world's leading crude oil marketers. We sell crude oil to customers internationally and are active in all the major crude oil markets. We have been in the oil business for more than 8years and are in this business for the long term. More than 5 regional representatives are involved in our crude oil marketing business. We offer careers in supply and trading which mean we have built up a pool of experience and expertise, which we continue to develop.

Creativity and innovation

The crude oil market is increasingly sophisticated and complex.  In this environment understanding of crude oil market dynamics is more important than ever before. Oil market, is uniquely placed to help customers manage price risk and ultimately achieve the best return on their investments.

Some of the services we currently provide

In the service of humanity & protection of environment Our Visioning &Venturing in the field of:

  • Acquisition of significant volumes of crude oil from producing governments, as well as from other oil companies and trading organizations on a "spot" and "3-M term" basis;
  • Selling of  non-equity crudes, e.g. Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Gabon;
  • Refinery Plant Supply on “Turnkey” bases
  • Optimization and organization of optimum crude supplies (purchase freight and operations)

The underlying strategy of the company is to focus on acquiring cash-flow projects, develop them into profitable assets in the shortest amount of time at the most effective costs possible, in order to successfully pursue and develop long-term exploratory growth assets.


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