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Global Trading in products

There have been  tremendous "Returns" from some of our investments in these fields. Most of our potential clients, on whom we have heavily invested, start paying us back, not in the cash form of payment, but in the form of produced goods.

The Products Trading business within Lavi Group Trading is charged with being the single market interface for all of the Lavi Group's downstream organizations and their customers, providing an acquisition and disposal service for both physical products as well as related services.  

Over and above this, the companies in the network have developed long term relationships with a wide range of third party customers. Through their participation in the network, our Trading entities are able to offer a wide range of different product availabilities and a high level of service quality.


The leadership organization in Products Trading consists of the Executive Director, and the Products Marketing and Global Products team of regional agents, who are themselves located in different corporate entity across the network. The core of the Products realization and organization is formed by a team focused on these Products, which is grouped as following:

Gasoline and Components
Chemical Feed stock’s         (Naphtha and Condensates)
Middle Distillates                 (Jet and Gasoil)
Fuel Oils                                (VGO and Long Residue)
LPG                                       (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)


Additionally, there are dedicated teams of able personnel that look after Price Risk Management on oil base products. We offer a number of commodity price risk management products that can be executed in concert with physical deals or structured as separate financial transactions in accordance to the client’s options. Instrumentation available consists of the following:-

  • Fixed Price (Locks Price) Swaps
  • Basis (Grade Differentials) Swaps
  • Price (Insurance) Floors
  • Zero Cost (Bands Price) Collars


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