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Lavi International Security Center

"Everyone has the right to seek, receive
and impart information and ideas through
any media and regardless of frontiers"

United nations universal
declarations on Human Rights, 1948


Advices on your financial security and the security of your personal information are always a priority at LAVI International. We work hard to help ensure that your investment stays secure. As we all know, the internet is and will continue to be the source of many new opportunities for many years to come. Those who get the most out of those opportunities will be those who use them wisely. Although the information below is not exhaustive, it contains some key points that will help you avoid future problems on any areas of investment opportunities as well as using the internet in a more secure manner. Use these points with caution and good judgment.


How To Protect Yourself & Your Investment


  Types of Online Fraud


Please note that the following comments reflect experiences of the Lavi Group only, and should not be construed as legal advice. These comments are provided solely as a "General public service" and we makes no claim or guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of any of the following statements. As always, we encourage you to do your own research and gain a thorough understanding of every aspect of any contemplated investment or transaction before proceeding.