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Project Finance

Risk Identification and Analysis

Project financing has emerged as the most preferred alternative to conventional methods of financing infrastructure and other projects world-wide. Lavi International Corporation has adopted innovative and timely financing techniques that have already been used on many high-profile corporate projects. 


Through understanding the project rationale and development of a financial plan, assessing the risk and designing the financial mix and raising the funds, we help to execute and monitor the business project and put our experience to work for the client.  We help set realistic schedules and expectations and identify key risks, thusly minimizing the risk process.

We will fund the client’s projects from the balance sheet of their corporation based on a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure. We rely primarily on the project’s cash flow for repayment, with the project’s assets, rights, and interests held as secondary security or collateral. Illustrated below the diagram in Fig. A, are typical services currently in one of the oil producing countries in Africa.

We are no longer defined predominantly by our role in providing project financing to companies in developing countries; we have also the following projects in our portfolio:


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Forward-Looking Statements: The information in this web site includes certain forward-looking statements that are based upon assumptions that in the future may prove not to have been accurate and are subject to significant risk and uncertainties, including statements to the future financial performance of Lavi International Corporation. Although Lavi International Corporation believes that the expectations reflected in its forward-looking statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations or any of its forward-looking statements will prove to be correct. Factors that could cause results to differ include, but are not limited to, successful performance of internal plans, product development and acceptance, the impact of competitive services and pricing, or general economic risks and uncertainties.


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