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Private Investment Capital

Raising funds to finance a business

There are many sources of financing business expansion, project financing or capitalization. Wealth managers, asset managers, and institutional fund investors use investment funds as diversified and flexible instruments to capitalize on the opportunities offered by financial markets. Some banks offer loans to finance the growth of a small business, and some would not offer if the business hasn’t been well and long established.

As a way for businesses to raise capital, one alternative is the creative business financing mechanism known as “private placement” - referring to the raising of capital via private rather than public means. Small businesses that are ready to expand are ideal candidates for private placements.

The requirements are: a sound business plan, a private placement memorandum (PPM), and a lawyer who has experience in private placement dealings.

As part of the corporate financing effort, we do make use of numerous types of financial instruments while running our daily business and commercial activities.  This includes Letters of Credit, and investment grade financial instruments.   The use of Medium Term Notes has also proved to be an effective means of corporate financing.

We raise funds to finance businesses wholly through the control of our bank, which has everything in place including the issuing banks, the exit buyer, etc.  Based on our written instructions the contracts will be ready for the arbitrage transaction and the necessary line of credit with the trading banks will be placed in trade.  All necessary guarantees/safety for the investor will be taken. We do not sell, or offer to sell financial instruments of any kind.   


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